Friday, January 15, 2010

Im happy im so sad..

Im so happy because, today(15 jan 10) at 6pm, i want to go to Gopeng, Perak for water rafting and caving activities.. yea yeah~!! im very lurve that kind of outdoor acyivities.. the activities will be done by tomorrow.. from 8 am to 6 pm (maybe).. then at night, we will have barbeque and steamboat i think.. hehe.. im so interested about that.. lalalala.. no patient at all.. keke.. ^_^

we will going by train at 6 pm at arau railway station.. :)

im so sad because i can not attend the samsung CORBY carnival day on 16 january 2010 at sunway.. clash with water rafting & caving..

the carnival is what im waiting for.. to got the invitation from them is not easy.. we have to make a post about CORBY colour my life.. that i'd done before.. and im very happy when i got an invitation email from nuffnang to attend the carnival.. but, the day i got the email, i'd already paid to a person who arrange the activities at gopeng.. which is rm210.. so that, i've to choose to go to Gopeng..

Good Bye Sunway carnival.. :(

welcome to GOpeng.. :)


Faarihin said...

oho... dah de kat gopeng la skang ni eh.. smoga slamat2 aje di sana.. (^__^)

+akufobia+ said...

hadee.sedih je kot kat gopeng tu.kankankan.

Pakcu said...

owh sudah lama tidak pergi ke gopeng...aku rindu gopeng T__T

water crafting pown best ape~

SeE-DaH said...

farihin> hehe.. dah blik dah.. pngalaman yg sgat best

SeE-DaH said...

fobia> sgt best~!! x rugi g gopeng.. auke2..i.. kalo bole nk g lagi ^^

SeE-DaH said...

pakcu> best kot p gopeng.. korang mesti pnah g sg kampar n gua tempurung kan? aduh.. ku jatuh cinta ngan gua tempurung.. huhu

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