Monday, June 22, 2015

The effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients in skin

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Today I want to share with you all about the delivery of cosmetic ingredients in the skin. Do you know why there are some skincare product are effective and some are not? Consumer must know about the effectiveness of their products. Based on advertising claims, cosmetic company promising more youthful, vibrant and healthy skin. Unfortunately, most of these claims are false because some are not effective.

To understand cosmetic ingredients delivery, we must understand about our skin physiology. Our skin is a complex organ and designed to serve as a barrier between inner biologic environment and the outer environment. In order to delivery necessary ingredients to our skin, this barrier function of the skin must be overcome first because it was designed to be particularly difficult to penetrate.

An effective cosmetic must be designed well so that its beneficial ingredients can get inside the skin cells. Designing such the cosmetic need high knowledge, information, skill and training to formulate effective products. That's why some products not so effective.

This is actually quite challenging to me especially to formulate my own skincare. There are a lot of R&D that I was handle and mostly not achieve the target. To formulate the effectiveness of the products is not so easy actually because it is not depends on the active ingredients but also based on the base that we have used.

So my friends, to know your skincare is effective or not you must try it first. Just try the sample kit then it saved! No need to buy the real packaging. For more saving, search testimonial first before you buy new skincare product.


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