Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Salam Maal Hijrah..

Hari ini merupakan cuti umum. Semua pekerja kerajaan dan kebanyakan pekerja swasta cuti hari ini. Tapi tempat ku bekerja tak cuti la pulak. Tapi tak mengapa kerana bekerja juga merupakan satu ibadah.. Kerja akan menjadi satu ibadah jika kita niat bekerja kerana Allah dan bekerja dengan Itqan (melakukan kerja dengan bersungguh-sungguh)

Doa Sebelum kerja:

Ya Allah, aku memohon kepadaMu kebaikan pekerjaan ini dan segala kebaikan yg ada di dlmnya, dan aku berlindung padaMu drp pekerjaan ini dan segala keburukan yg ada d dalamnya. sesungguhnya di atas segala sesuatu itu Engkaulah yg Maha berkuasa menentukannya.

Berhijrahlah ke arah yang lebih baik..
Jika sebelum ni bekerja dengan sambil lewa..
Selepas ini bolehlah kita berhijrah dengan melakukan kerja dengan bersungguh-sungguh..

Semoga Allah merahmati kehidupan kita selepas ini..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vacancy & fresh graduates

I used to post about fresh graduate before and a little bit tips how to get a job and prepare your resume.

There are so many graduates delivered from IPTA and IPTS that come from variety of university and courses. This issue was often discussed since many years ago. I still remembered my friends and I used to discuss about this issue in a Forum during Bahasa Melayu class session in years of 2005. (form5) and after 7 years this issue is still hot topic to discuss.

Last week, my manager and I have a short discussion about this issue. Since we are looking for new QC Executive, i was responsible to post the advertisement about the vacancy. Normally i post to MUDAH.. So easy ok.. the most important thing is, advertise the ads. at MUDAH is FREE!! haha

Ok. Back to the topic.

Nowadays, fresh graduate really hard to find a job even they have good qualification. When I was a person in charge in looking for new candidate for my replacement, then i know how hard to find a suitable candidate. I'm lucky because after advertise the ads. in MUDAH then a few days later, Jobstreet have call us and offer to advertise our ads from MUDAH to jobstreet and it was free also.. hehe.. so I was agreed because Jobstreet is one of the popular vacancy website.

As expected, I received a lot of applications after Jobstreet advertise our ads and most of them is fresh graduates.. At first, I have forward the applications to my manager then he asks me to stop forward the fresh graduates's applications and I followed the command. huhu.. 

We have to give a chance to the freshie. They will have the experience after they got a chance to work. Employer prefer for those wo have an expereriences~ YES!! But, I do not understand of this phenomena. But, u have to accept the fact freshie..

 I used to be a jobless before. After 5 month after graduated, then I got a job as a lab assistant after hundred applications of chemist and QC executive.
Even u are degree holder but u have to learn from the beginning even as a lab assistant and please.. do not to care about the position. U must think about the experience that u will get. Then, u have to work and learn hard, so that u will promote to higher level.

Failure Candidates

Every morning I will check my email, and as expected there are so many application's email I got.. Since we are post ads in Jobstreet and Mudah so there a lot of applications. Average 50 applications per day.. and now about 200 applications I have received. But, i'm still frustrated because most of the candidates not qualified with our requirements.

There are no candidates experienced specific in personal care and Muslim consumer goods industries. Many of them come from engineering field which is not qualified in chemical industry.

For those who experienced in chemical industry , they are really demanding to get better salary.. This is local company and not multi national company (MNC).. So Rm4k basic salary requested is really high to demand here.

Most of the objectives not really acceptable in here. Since they mentioned they want to be a apart and work in MNC company, to be an engineer, and so their application totally rejected. Your objective is one of important part here. Also please update your resume~

For fresh graduated, you will be consider if u are really excell in your academic achievement and have a degree in chemistry. Unfortunately, most of them, have a degree in engineering which is not related in chemistry.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vacancy of QC Executive


Good news,

As mentioned above, we are looking for candidate to fulfill the QC executive vacancy in Senwill Cosmetic.

1) Degree in Chemistry / Related to chemistry.
2) Min 1 year experience in QC field. (Fresh graduate can also consider with your Industrial training experience)
3) Interested in personal care industry.
4) Discipline and highly motivated
Job description
1) QC inspection for incoming process and outgoing process.
2) Handle documents of ISO 9001:2008 and GMP
3) Daily checking purified water system status.
4) QC checking for simple test. (pH and viscosity test)

For those who are really interested, email your resume to


Alhamdulillah.. praise to him..

Within 6 month in Senwill Cosmetic, I got news from my manager last week about my promotion. My dream to be R&D chemist will become a reality when he want to promote me from QC chemist to R&D chemist..

Thanks to HIM..

I'm not so interested working in QC department. My interested is more to R&D field because i love to learn and know new things.

I accept the offer as a chemist but i never imagine that i will handle QC . Once the manager introduce me as QC Chemist and will handle QC checking, i was so shocked and have to accept the challenge when he said he just want me to learn from the beginning nd start with QC first.. At first i was not trust with him and felt cheated.. huhu..

First month working, i'm not so happy with my job. Everyday i will complain to my love. itu tak kena ini tak kena.. miss Raiya so much.. and also update my blog about how i miss to do R&D.  haha.. sampai hari2 online nak cari kerja lain. ( cakap suka belajar benda baru kan? Accept je la kan? belajar je la.. bukannya susah.. tapi bila dah tak minat tak boleh nak cakap apa la kan? :p )

Lastly, i try to love my job, and it was work after my confirmation. heee.. but still cannot beat my love to R&D.. haha.

I always pray to Him and ask His guidance.. Ask the best for me..

He knows what the best for me..

When i got news about my promotion i was really happy.. lagi happy when my manager said my salary also will be increase also.. and now, i always come earlier to my work place. i really believe that MONEY is one of our motivator.. haha..

Sorry Mr.Yeap because i'm not believe in you before.. hehe.. I'm not felt cheated anymore because u fulfilled your promise.. :D

And now i busy for looking candidate to replace my position.. QC Executive.. For those who really interested to work in personal care industry can apply.. :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Already Move


Syukur sangat..

For your information.. I already move and live with kak nurul! haha. sangat happy! hari ni dah masuk hari kedua..

Flashback time..

31 oct 12
after balik kerja terus angkut barang2 yg dah di pack ke dalam kereta.. actually before ni dah hantar 1 trip ke rumah kak nurul.. & now masuk ke 2nd trip.. haha.. banyak juga i punya barang ni. 2nd trip ni buat my car full! sampai ke seat depan. then my Kriss was ride by my lovely fiance (naseb baik dia ada) :D tu yg buat lagi sayang tu.. haha
sampai rumah kak nurul, angkat barang2 yg penting dulu then keluar makan malam.. my PG yg banyak buat kerja so i belanja dia makan KFC.. DOUBLE DOWN 1.. :p
after makan hantar my PG then balik ke rumah baru.. angkat lagi barang yg ada dlm kereta.. masih byk lagi ok.. tpi malas dah.. So tired!
sampai rumah terus rasa penat then tidur kat depan TV jer.. yeaah rumah ni ada TV. :D

1 Nov 12

Perjalanan ke tempat kerja mengambil masa +- stgah jam jugak la. (jauh sikit dari rumah lama). after balik kerja terus menuju ke kereta (yeah. dpt parking dlm since tinggal berdua je kat rumah tu dengan kak nurul. :D) then angkat lagi barang2 naik atas. fuhh berat! tapi still ada lagi barang dlm keta tu.. huhu.. bila nak surut? sampai je rumah terus kemas bilik. sapu then mop lantai. then baru dapat transfer semua brg2 yg kat ruang tamu tu ke dlm bilik. buat semak ruang tamu je. mlm ni tak nak tidur kat luar lagi! so kemas kan bilik secepat mungkin. yes! siap.. byk lagi yg nak kena kemas.. esok je la.. fuhh

Time to move

From Mutiara Perdana Apartment Bayan Lepas, i'm move to Apartment Sri Abadi, Relau..

What Happened?

There are so many reason actually. Even my current room is really comfortable with  facilities plus streamyx.

Advantages of my room in Mutiara Perdana.
1) 15-20 mins from my office.
2) Located at groundfloor and can park my motorcycle infront of my apartment. hee. Easily to monitor my Kriss even from inside my living room.
3) Got auto washing machine and streamyx.. ( important to me)
4) Can cook and bake without any interference.. haha.. because my roomates always busy and tak melekat kat rumah.. even i pun sama.. selalu keluar dating. oppss

How about the disadvantages?? let check it out.

1) x ada car entrance sticker to park my car inside the apartment. Always curi2 masuk.. depends on pak guard jugak.. yg strict tu dia akan ambil license driver kalau tak ada sticker pass. then masuk kena kaluar balik sebab your license ada kat pak guard.. So terpaksa parking luar. Sticker for parking availabe for 2 cars only. since i just got my car last 2 month so, i x dpt la sticker entrance tu. huhu.. sedih. so, my car always parked outside! cian dia..
2) Tak rapat pun dengan my housemates. masing2 busy. kalau jumpa pun sembang sekejap je.. so sangat sunyi rumah tu.
3) tak ada tv.

Because of my love to my car is so deep.. i have to find another room! with availabililty of parking inside.. for my lovely car.. just for u..

Luckyly, i got called from Kak Nurul last month said that her house got 1 room to rent because her housemate already move out. Alhamdulillah.. Syukur sangat2..

Kak Nurul is my ex-colleague time kerja kat Selasih Cafe, Kuala Nerang. Pernah kerja kat situ after complete my degree sementara mencari kerja yg related. about 6 month kerja kat situ. Dia pulak dah setahun ada kat penang ni.. since dah pindah ke penang ni x pernah jumpa dia.. just msg & call.. sebabnya selalu balik kampung then tak sempat nak dating ngan dia.

tapi sekarang.. hari2 boleh dating.. haha..

Jom kemas2 barang untuk pindah!!
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