Monday, January 11, 2010

our earth

i have just a class about energy technology and radiation..
this course have open my eyes about the important to take care of our earth..
my love to earth is increasing.. huhu

*our ozone layer is not only depletion, but it has a holes.. uv radiation can easily penetrate to earth and give a big effect to our life especially widespread of skin disease..

*global warming
*greenhouse effect
*acid rain, etc

movies like a day after tomorrow and 2012.. is an overview what will happen later..

from the global warming effect, north pole and south pole will be melt, and that time, sea level will be increase dramatically. and now, there a island that have sunk.. later, not only island, but this will cause to the earth like "day after tomorrom" movie.

as my lecturer said: once earth temperature change, the situation will chaos.

these are signs of the kiamat..

what should we do now??


An-Nisaa' Hanisah said...

rase gerun bile msk class.. mesti lec akn cerita psl acid rain, black hole, global warming etc.. what should we do? i think, its the time to improve our 'iman' from time to time.. n tambahkan rase syg terhadpa bumi ni.. huhu

Faarihin said...

Masa semakin berakhir.. insaf2lah kita semua..

SeE-DaH said...

nisa: yup u r rite.. i <3 bumi.. huhu
i'll try mybest to improve my iman,.

SeE-DaH said...

farihin: jom sama2 insaf n tingkatkan amalan.

+akufobia+ said...

selamatkan ummah+dunia.diri sendiri?sekali.

SeE-DaH said...

FOBIA> yup u r rite.. kita kena selamatkan semuanya itu sekali..

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