Thursday, January 28, 2010


pernah rasa bosan?
bosan dengan diri?
bosan dengan hidup?
(yang ni tak kot) sebab ak suka hidup.. lalalala


ku pernah rasa bosan..
bosan nak belajar..
rasa tak nak belajar..
asek nak main je..

ku harus buang perasaan ni jauh-jauh..
belajar belajar..

ingatlah wahai rosidah..
ilmu itu sangatlah bernilai..
jom jom kutip ilmu cepat..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gua Tempurung

jom pergi gua tempurung.. :)

after merangkak dalam gua.. then, mandi manda dalam gua tu.. hehe first time mandi air dalam gua.. huhu

kena gelongsor.. best2.. agak bahaya sikit la.. huhu

almost 1000 thousand anak tangga we'd stepped

kena masuk dalam hole ni.. huhu

salah satu tempat yang menarik yang boleh dikunjungi oleh kalian..
best jugak la..
jom jom

kat gua tempurung ni ada macam-macam bentuk natural made..
ada rupa perempuan mengandung,
ada rupa monyet tgah drive pon ada.. huhu
naga tgah diving pon ada.. hehe
rupa suami cium ubun-ubun isteri..
rupa binatang sangatla banyak..
dll (rasa macam pergi zoo pulak) ^_^

tapi x dapat nak snap sebab dalam gua tu gelap and the pictures x berapa nak clear since jarak dia sangatla jauh.. we'd just can see them with the spotlight yang di bawa oleh tour guide..
huhu.. rugi2..
dan pemandangan dalam gua tu sangat la cantik.
kena naik lebih kurang 1000 anak tangga before kena crawl dalam air.. meniarap pon kena jugak.. huhu.. lastly the end point kami mandi manda.. hehe
the best experience is time kena gelongsor tu.. tapi kena ada someone kat bawah untuk standby n tahan kami dari jatuh. luckly im not the person yang terjatuh.. hehe
orang tu just hold my kaki je.. then boleh turun sendiri.. huhu.. best2.. rasa macam budak2 balik pon ada.. lalalala

Thursday, January 21, 2010

water rafting2

semalam geng2 water rafting & caving makan kat roadsite d tepi jalan tuk swap pictures.. so, dah boleh upload pictures.. tadaaaa.. ni la antara gambar2 yang ada.. about 1000 pictures ada tau.. (3 cameras) hoho..

tempat ini dipanggil double drop..

time for briefing

kenderaan awam kami kat sana.. hehe

give hi5~!! group TOngga tongga.. :)

p/s: nk upload byk lagi tapi x sempat la.. time consuming maaa.. huhu.. pas ni pictures caving kat gua tempurung pulak.. :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

water rafting1

15 January 10
6.30 pm
Arau Railway station

arrive at kampar about 3 am..
wait for the tour guide about 1/2 hour..
arrive at campsite about 4 am..

have a drink and biscuits until 4.30 am..
sembang2 until 5.30 am..

9 am

start water rafting..
here is one of the video..

im so excited with this..

nak pergi lagi~!! huhu

banyak sangat pengalaman yang dpat.. 2 kali jatuh dalam sungai kampar ni.. hehe.. yg kali kedua tu jatuh kat jeram.. hampir2 lemas.. tetapi safety jacket menyelamatkan..

dan yang paling tak tahannya bila dapat tahu.. si RYOK (guide kami) yang sengaja jatuhkan.. he admitted it.. huhu.. jahat~!! tapi best.. sebab pengalaman tuh.. huhu

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OUr LiFe~!!

its all about life..
based on en. Shahrizal story..

let say u have 1 empty container.. then i ask u to add a balls into the container until it full and no space to add another of ball..
then i'll ask..
me: Is it the container is full with the balls??
u : yes it is full with the balls..

then, i ask u to put pebbles into the same container.. u are follow my instruction until the container not have the space more to the pebbles.. then the container become like this: (only a very small space is left)
then, i'll continue ask:
me: is it the container is full with the pebbles and balls?
u : yes.. they are full until no space for them in the container
then, i ask u to add a sand.. and the small empty space will fill with the sand..
then, i ask:
me : is it the container is full:
u : yes it was full

of course the container is not full yet.. because u can add another 2 cups of coffea into it.. until it was full.. and become like below: [hahaha.. my pic is so bad.. layan jer.. :)]
is it the container is full?? and now.. the container is full and there are no more things that can we add into the container..
the empty container is ourself..
the balls is refers to our parents, family, friends, and all the person that u love.. that we cant live without them..
the pebbles is refers to ur career, properties, moneys and all of those things.. once we'd loss them, we're still have our balls..
the sand is like our problems or the small things that happened in our life.. that will give a pressure to us.. so, the sand have to be kick out from our life.. hehehe
can we imagine if we start to fill our container with the sand first?? our container do not have a space to fill with the balls and the pebbles.. so its mean.. our life is will full with the problems.. and the small things which is not good for us.. right?
so, we've to follow the step.. to make our life is wonderful.. ;)
how about the 2 cups of coffea???
why not three? or 4??
what do you think??
try to think..
before continue read this entry..
and the answer is...
2 cups of coffea is mean a relationship..
relationship with the someone..
to make a stronger relationship with our friends.. our family members..
so.. try to ask your friends to drink a coffea together..
so, the relationship will continue live.. become stronger and stronger..
since i just have 1 semester left, i want have a cup of coffea with all my classmate.. so that, we are not forget each other.. and our memories become remembered....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Im happy im so sad..

Im so happy because, today(15 jan 10) at 6pm, i want to go to Gopeng, Perak for water rafting and caving activities.. yea yeah~!! im very lurve that kind of outdoor acyivities.. the activities will be done by tomorrow.. from 8 am to 6 pm (maybe).. then at night, we will have barbeque and steamboat i think.. hehe.. im so interested about that.. lalalala.. no patient at all.. keke.. ^_^

we will going by train at 6 pm at arau railway station.. :)

im so sad because i can not attend the samsung CORBY carnival day on 16 january 2010 at sunway.. clash with water rafting & caving..

the carnival is what im waiting for.. to got the invitation from them is not easy.. we have to make a post about CORBY colour my life.. that i'd done before.. and im very happy when i got an invitation email from nuffnang to attend the carnival.. but, the day i got the email, i'd already paid to a person who arrange the activities at gopeng.. which is rm210.. so that, i've to choose to go to Gopeng..

Good Bye Sunway carnival.. :(

welcome to GOpeng.. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


suatu hari di dalam kelas Quality Control and Quality Assurance..
topic: introduction to quality control..

lecturer: what do you understand by quality? u can give the answer in english or bahasa..

tetapi, tiada seorang pun antara kami yang angkat tangan untuk jawab soalan tu.. yes.. i know that words, dan memang selalu di gunakan dalam percakapan harian.. tetapi, susah pulak nak terangkan maksud sebenar qulity itu sendiri.. and of course i have no idea about that.. blank sebentar.. huhu and i believe my classmate also have a same problem.. hoho.. yang tahu pun mungkin x nak jawab.. malu kot.. the problem is.. course ni memang lari terus dari bidang kami yang sebenarnya iaitu kimia, itu yang susah sikit nak beri pandangan.. huhu

once again, he ask the same question.. and now he try to find the attendant sheet to call out our name.. but... attendant sheet tu ada kat kitaorang yg tengah sign kehadiran.. hehe.. try to hide that sheet.. hoho..

dia tidak berputus asa.. he continue ask: who has a name start from S? tapi tak ada..

dia tanya lagi , nama yang start dengan huruf N? angkat tangan~!!! hahaha.. confirm2 la ada kan.. tapi sorang pon tak angkat tangan.. huhu..

dia pun terkejut.. tidak sangka kelas kami se pasif macam ni.. he just want to know our opinion about the quality but nobody was not to try to answer..

dia pun mula la memberi sedikit nasihat kepada kami.. dia cakap, bila kita tidak mampu angkat tangan, umpamanya kita tidak mampu untuk mengangkat maruah diri kita..

kalo mcm ni sikapnyer.. mcm mna nk angkat angkat mruah diri sedangkan angkat tangan pun tak mampu..

jom pelihara maruah diri kita.. jangan biarkan orang pandah rendah dengan kemampuan kita..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i already expect that all of this will become reality..
a challenge for this year is begin now..
i've to set up my mind immediately, before im down (this thing can not be happen)..

more tougher than before..
I am not able to through all this myself, I am weak now..

Final Year Project..
there are so many unexpected things will be happen..
so, i've to get ready.. for every possibility..

about a weeks my works is delayed..

tomorrow is the best time to discuss with my supervisor what should i do later..


I CAN DO IT~!! yes of course i can.. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

our earth

i have just a class about energy technology and radiation..
this course have open my eyes about the important to take care of our earth..
my love to earth is increasing.. huhu

*our ozone layer is not only depletion, but it has a holes.. uv radiation can easily penetrate to earth and give a big effect to our life especially widespread of skin disease..

*global warming
*greenhouse effect
*acid rain, etc

movies like a day after tomorrow and 2012.. is an overview what will happen later..

from the global warming effect, north pole and south pole will be melt, and that time, sea level will be increase dramatically. and now, there a island that have sunk.. later, not only island, but this will cause to the earth like "day after tomorrom" movie.

as my lecturer said: once earth temperature change, the situation will chaos.

these are signs of the kiamat..

what should we do now??

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

main badminton pkai kain pelikat.. :p

pernah tengok orang main badminton pakai kain pelikat?? haa ni dia.. mempersembahkan.. my luyly brothers .. hehe
haha.. kelakar je tengok rupa dornag bila main pakai kain pelikat.. pergerakan terbatas.. bila nak amek shuttle cock tu macam2 reaksi yang dorang buat.. tapi sayang, x sempat nak snap.. huhu..

teringat satu kisah zaman tok kaduk dulu-dulu.. mereka ni semua, main bola, dan x kisah la main apa-apa.. pun pakai kain pelikat jugak.. :p
mugkin my bros nk kembalikan tradisi tu kot.. haha
mcm sekarang la.. fashion pakaian pon dah ikut zaman dulu-dulu punya.. betol x?? hehe
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