Friday, October 3, 2014

Carbon gel

As salam 

Today I'd prepared carbon gel mask to cure and treat your acne.

Hahaha. We called him dayang senandung. Thanks a lot iqbal cause volunteer to be my testimony..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Soothing Gel Mask

Hi everybody!

Recently got many project to handle. There are so many requested  sample from customer. One of the sample is soothing gel mask, functioned to sooth and reduce your skin redness and itchiness from injection (botox injection for example) or squeezing your pimples and whitehead. After apply you will feel  comfort with cooling and calming. 

Attached below is the testimony.. haha

can brighten your skin as well?? haha. just forget it. it is because of the camera lighting.

So hurry up and get your soothing mask gel. 

Skin Whitening and pigmentation

Skin whitening is a significant trend in all application forms. In fact, the global skin lightening market is increase by year.

To get fairer skin we must have a product that will achieve desirable result for our skin. Recently, there are so many products available in market and provide dramatic visible improvement in skin quality and reduction of pigmentation.

Basically we need to know how to improve our skin to be lighter and fairer. First of all, you must take care your skin and avoid from exposed in UV light that come from sun. Don't forget to apply your sunblock when you are going out especially out for having a lunch. When your skin is exposed to the UV sun radiation, melanin will protect human skin from harmful effects. Melanin or pigment is found in skin and produced by melanogenesis. Tyrosinase is an enzyme and served as catalyst in the melanogenesis process. So your skin will be darken and pigmentation found in your skin. By apply sunblock in your skin, your sunblock will  take over the job of melanin and protect your skin from the UV radiation. So your melanin is rest and no activity of melanogenesis.

Based on the melagonesis activity, we already know that our darken and pigmentation skin is come form the process. So, to get fairer skin we need to reduce the melanogenesis and inhibit the tyrosinase activity. By using the whitening cream, we will get more fairer skin. As consumer, we need to choose good whitening cream to give the best effect to reduce the melanin.

For your information, there are no effective result within 1 - 7 days. If you are found there are such of products so you have to be careful because the product might be contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone and mercury. Hydroquinone is the best raw material for reducing pigmentation and the result is within one week okay!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Coming with Cosmetic subject

Hello everybody..

Currently I was responsible to meet with raw material's supplier and of course I'd learnt a lot about creating a formula from them. Previously my formula just created based on my superior suggestion and recommendation.

From the knowledge I'd gained, I felt so responsible to share with you all especially for those who possess less knowledge about cosmetic and personal care.

Glad to inform that my blog will switch to a new blog which is Frosey personal care blog.. Since I'd already have an inactive blog so I just go forward with it and no need to come out with the new blog. Am I right?

I'm just wondering what main language I should prefer to apply? English or Malay?

If you are focusing into international readers so you should choose English one!

See you in next day~

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pesanan Arwah ayah

Razi, adik lelaki pertama yang masih belajar di UIA dalam bidang Automotif Engineering. Umur dah nak masuk 25 tahun tapi masih belum habis belajar. Belajar engineering kat Uia agak tough sebenarnya.. berkali² jugak dia repeat paper. Sekarang berada di tahun akhir, tengah berjuang untuk exam yang terakhir. Semoga sukses ye razi.. insyaAllah akan habis exam pada beberapa hari je lagi.

Dia antara yang cemerlang dalam family kami. Upsr 4A1B, Pmr 7A1B dan Spm plak 8A11B3. B dia semua English. Huhu.
Dia jugak antara yang kuat agama dalam family kami. Solat sangat susah nak tinggal. Banyak join aktiviti2 keagamaan di Universiti. Masa cuti sem selalu sibuk dan jarang meluangkan cuti di kampung sebab join aktiviti2 tersebut. Kalau kita ni asal cuti sem ja mesti kelam kabut nak balik dan bercuti di rumah menternak lemak.

Dia diberi kelebihan sebab selalu mimpi bertemu arwah ayah. Yang terbaru dia mimpi arwah bagi pesanan kat dia.
Antara pesanan tersebut adalah :
1. Tahajjud
2. Sentiasa berwhuduk
3. Selawat
4. Dhuha

Rupa2nya amalan tersebut adalah antara amalan sunnah Rasulullah.
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