Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OUr LiFe~!!

its all about life..
based on en. Shahrizal story..

let say u have 1 empty container.. then i ask u to add a balls into the container until it full and no space to add another of ball..
then i'll ask..
me: Is it the container is full with the balls??
u : yes it is full with the balls..

then, i ask u to put pebbles into the same container.. u are follow my instruction until the container not have the space more to the pebbles.. then the container become like this: (only a very small space is left)
then, i'll continue ask:
me: is it the container is full with the pebbles and balls?
u : yes.. they are full until no space for them in the container
then, i ask u to add a sand.. and the small empty space will fill with the sand..
then, i ask:
me : is it the container is full:
u : yes it was full

of course the container is not full yet.. because u can add another 2 cups of coffea into it.. until it was full.. and become like below: [hahaha.. my pic is so bad.. layan jer.. :)]
is it the container is full?? and now.. the container is full and there are no more things that can we add into the container..
the empty container is ourself..
the balls is refers to our parents, family, friends, and all the person that u love.. that we cant live without them..
the pebbles is refers to ur career, properties, moneys and all of those things.. once we'd loss them, we're still have our balls..
the sand is like our problems or the small things that happened in our life.. that will give a pressure to us.. so, the sand have to be kick out from our life.. hehehe
can we imagine if we start to fill our container with the sand first?? our container do not have a space to fill with the balls and the pebbles.. so its mean.. our life is will full with the problems.. and the small things which is not good for us.. right?
so, we've to follow the step.. to make our life is wonderful.. ;)
how about the 2 cups of coffea???
why not three? or 4??
what do you think??
try to think..
before continue read this entry..
and the answer is...
2 cups of coffea is mean a relationship..
relationship with the someone..
to make a stronger relationship with our friends.. our family members..
so.. try to ask your friends to drink a coffea together..
so, the relationship will continue live.. become stronger and stronger..
since i just have 1 semester left, i want have a cup of coffea with all my classmate.. so that, we are not forget each other.. and our memories become remembered....


munamuni said...

shida..aku tunggu ko belanja kopi kat kopitiam...

+akufobia+ said...

a cup of cofee.

aliquenyer said...

nak join......

SeE-DaH said...

mun n ikha> kopi yg ak bancuh sudah.. hehe

SeE-DaH said...

fobia> a cup of coffea.. with ur freinds..

aeshah said...

kopi kluang anyone?

SeE-DaH said...

aeshah> nak nak

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