Wednesday, December 16, 2009

color me corby~!!

my great life is coloured by peoples around me..

i'm lucky to have a dabomb parents..

they'd coloured my life since i was birth..

i love them so much..

without them, im not here to achieve what i want..

since i was continued my degree at uitm perlis.. my life is great..

im glad to have a bestfriends like zahin, zalikha, sarah, diyana, nisah, aishah, adek ipaq and moon..

since i know "2pm".. my life is more interesting.. thanks zahin.. u give me a chance to know 2pm closely.. n now.. im a hottest of "2pm".. (2pm is a boyband from korea).. they are so great in their performance.. with the beast idol that showed by them.. hehe..

through 2pm i know the corby phone.. huhu.. they are support person of corby phone..

so, when i know this competition to win the corby phone, i want to grab this chance.. and i hope i will be invited to that carnival.. (hopefully).. huhu

lastly.. of course my life is will be wonderful if i have that phone.. lalalala..

try to imagine when i got that "jamaican yellow phone" hehe

"jamaican yellow" of phone corby will be suit with me.. so i choose the yellow one.. :)


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