Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vacancy & fresh graduates

I used to post about fresh graduate before and a little bit tips how to get a job and prepare your resume.

There are so many graduates delivered from IPTA and IPTS that come from variety of university and courses. This issue was often discussed since many years ago. I still remembered my friends and I used to discuss about this issue in a Forum during Bahasa Melayu class session in years of 2005. (form5) and after 7 years this issue is still hot topic to discuss.

Last week, my manager and I have a short discussion about this issue. Since we are looking for new QC Executive, i was responsible to post the advertisement about the vacancy. Normally i post to MUDAH.. So easy ok.. the most important thing is, advertise the ads. at MUDAH is FREE!! haha

Ok. Back to the topic.

Nowadays, fresh graduate really hard to find a job even they have good qualification. When I was a person in charge in looking for new candidate for my replacement, then i know how hard to find a suitable candidate. I'm lucky because after advertise the ads. in MUDAH then a few days later, Jobstreet have call us and offer to advertise our ads from MUDAH to jobstreet and it was free also.. hehe.. so I was agreed because Jobstreet is one of the popular vacancy website.

As expected, I received a lot of applications after Jobstreet advertise our ads and most of them is fresh graduates.. At first, I have forward the applications to my manager then he asks me to stop forward the fresh graduates's applications and I followed the command. huhu.. 

We have to give a chance to the freshie. They will have the experience after they got a chance to work. Employer prefer for those wo have an expereriences~ YES!! But, I do not understand of this phenomena. But, u have to accept the fact freshie..

 I used to be a jobless before. After 5 month after graduated, then I got a job as a lab assistant after hundred applications of chemist and QC executive.
Even u are degree holder but u have to learn from the beginning even as a lab assistant and please.. do not to care about the position. U must think about the experience that u will get. Then, u have to work and learn hard, so that u will promote to higher level.


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