Friday, November 2, 2012

Time to move

From Mutiara Perdana Apartment Bayan Lepas, i'm move to Apartment Sri Abadi, Relau..

What Happened?

There are so many reason actually. Even my current room is really comfortable with  facilities plus streamyx.

Advantages of my room in Mutiara Perdana.
1) 15-20 mins from my office.
2) Located at groundfloor and can park my motorcycle infront of my apartment. hee. Easily to monitor my Kriss even from inside my living room.
3) Got auto washing machine and streamyx.. ( important to me)
4) Can cook and bake without any interference.. haha.. because my roomates always busy and tak melekat kat rumah.. even i pun sama.. selalu keluar dating. oppss

How about the disadvantages?? let check it out.

1) x ada car entrance sticker to park my car inside the apartment. Always curi2 masuk.. depends on pak guard jugak.. yg strict tu dia akan ambil license driver kalau tak ada sticker pass. then masuk kena kaluar balik sebab your license ada kat pak guard.. So terpaksa parking luar. Sticker for parking availabe for 2 cars only. since i just got my car last 2 month so, i x dpt la sticker entrance tu. huhu.. sedih. so, my car always parked outside! cian dia..
2) Tak rapat pun dengan my housemates. masing2 busy. kalau jumpa pun sembang sekejap je.. so sangat sunyi rumah tu.
3) tak ada tv.

Because of my love to my car is so deep.. i have to find another room! with availabililty of parking inside.. for my lovely car.. just for u..

Luckyly, i got called from Kak Nurul last month said that her house got 1 room to rent because her housemate already move out. Alhamdulillah.. Syukur sangat2..

Kak Nurul is my ex-colleague time kerja kat Selasih Cafe, Kuala Nerang. Pernah kerja kat situ after complete my degree sementara mencari kerja yg related. about 6 month kerja kat situ. Dia pulak dah setahun ada kat penang ni.. since dah pindah ke penang ni x pernah jumpa dia.. just msg & call.. sebabnya selalu balik kampung then tak sempat nak dating ngan dia.

tapi sekarang.. hari2 boleh dating.. haha..

Jom kemas2 barang untuk pindah!!


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