Sunday, November 4, 2012


Alhamdulillah.. praise to him..

Within 6 month in Senwill Cosmetic, I got news from my manager last week about my promotion. My dream to be R&D chemist will become a reality when he want to promote me from QC chemist to R&D chemist..

Thanks to HIM..

I'm not so interested working in QC department. My interested is more to R&D field because i love to learn and know new things.

I accept the offer as a chemist but i never imagine that i will handle QC . Once the manager introduce me as QC Chemist and will handle QC checking, i was so shocked and have to accept the challenge when he said he just want me to learn from the beginning nd start with QC first.. At first i was not trust with him and felt cheated.. huhu..

First month working, i'm not so happy with my job. Everyday i will complain to my love. itu tak kena ini tak kena.. miss Raiya so much.. and also update my blog about how i miss to do R&D.  haha.. sampai hari2 online nak cari kerja lain. ( cakap suka belajar benda baru kan? Accept je la kan? belajar je la.. bukannya susah.. tapi bila dah tak minat tak boleh nak cakap apa la kan? :p )

Lastly, i try to love my job, and it was work after my confirmation. heee.. but still cannot beat my love to R&D.. haha.

I always pray to Him and ask His guidance.. Ask the best for me..

He knows what the best for me..

When i got news about my promotion i was really happy.. lagi happy when my manager said my salary also will be increase also.. and now, i always come earlier to my work place. i really believe that MONEY is one of our motivator.. haha..

Sorry Mr.Yeap because i'm not believe in you before.. hehe.. I'm not felt cheated anymore because u fulfilled your promise.. :D

And now i busy for looking candidate to replace my position.. QC Executive.. For those who really interested to work in personal care industry can apply.. :)


aishahjasli said...

alhamdulillah, tahniah cdah!

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