Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Failure Candidates

Every morning I will check my email, and as expected there are so many application's email I got.. Since we are post ads in Jobstreet and Mudah so there a lot of applications. Average 50 applications per day.. and now about 200 applications I have received. But, i'm still frustrated because most of the candidates not qualified with our requirements.

There are no candidates experienced specific in personal care and Muslim consumer goods industries. Many of them come from engineering field which is not qualified in chemical industry.

For those who experienced in chemical industry , they are really demanding to get better salary.. This is local company and not multi national company (MNC).. So Rm4k basic salary requested is really high to demand here.

Most of the objectives not really acceptable in here. Since they mentioned they want to be a apart and work in MNC company, to be an engineer, and so their application totally rejected. Your objective is one of important part here. Also please update your resume~

For fresh graduated, you will be consider if u are really excell in your academic achievement and have a degree in chemistry. Unfortunately, most of them, have a degree in engineering which is not related in chemistry.


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