Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When I miss.. PART 2

Why I suddenly miss all memories in my previous company?

It was my first company that i joined and i love the factory, environment, laboratory, equipment, my and the staff there, except for my boss.. haha. The thing that i love most is my job there.

Fulian (known as Raiya) located at Bukit Minyak, Penang and near north-south highway. We can see the factory from the highway. I also can see the highway and vehicles that move on it through a windows in my lab.

1 year + experience was not enough for me to learn at Fulian. It was really hard decision to make when i got another offer. For my future planning i have to accept the offer and try to build a new life in new place. really touching when i passed my resignation letter and my boss not accept it. I cried for whole day until i got headache (high pressure maybe) and have to take MC.. huhu.. really hard decision to make..

"Work to learn.. Don't work for money" -Robert Kiyosaki

and now.. after 5 month.. I really miss my R&D job.. T_T


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