Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When I Miss.. PART 1

Do u know that i really miss doing R&D work??

Since i left Fulian 5 month ago, i really miss doing all those things related to R&D works.

I miss to mix all this things:

Distilled water + Glycerin + Sorbitol + Cellulose gum + Na. Saccharin + Sodium benzoate + Calcium carbonate + Hydrated silica +SLS + Peppermint oil (flavours)

What will produce when all of this ingrredients were mix up?..

Just guess..


it was a TOOTHPASTE!!
hehe.. try to promote Raiya Toothpaste.. our Malaysian brand toothpaste...
just check ingredients in your own toothpaste.. there must be have some of the ingredients that i mentioned above.. :)
When i produce a toothpaste i have to try it myself.. There are 3 basic things that i have to evaluate.
  1. The abbrasiveness of toothpaste that come from Calcium carbonate and hydrated silica.
  2. The flavours we used. is it feel bitter? sweet? nice? the combination of flavours + menthol and sweetener plays important role.. the sweetener that we often used is Na. Saccharin.
  3. The appearance of the toothpaste. The shining and moisturize that come from glycerin and sorbitol.
Actually it was really hard to me to feel the taste of toothpaste.. what a good experience. before this i just brush my teeth with any brand of toothpaste without care about the abbrasiveness, flavour, appearance from the toothpaste.
My leader taught me how to get the feeling. u have to close your eyes.. and get the feeling.. for the first time it quite hard for me since i thought that all toothpaste have same flavour.. just add menthol + peppermint or spearmint.. haha.. totally different ok. and then we have so many flavours in lab. (ex lab la)

To produce toothpaste with nice flavour is really challenging because most of the customer will evaluate based on the taste of toothpaste. I used to handle customer that want toothpaste have taste same with  Colgate and Darlie.. Wahhh.. so demand kan? Do u think it was so easy?

Do u know that the flavour of Darlie was supplied from one company that only supply their flavour just only for Darlie? haha.. so it was so impossible to duplicate that flavour ok.. huhu..

I miss to do toothpaste again..

I miss to do hair gel and hair cream as well..

I miss to meet my supplier and share information with them to improve my formulation.. and ofsource to improve my English also.. we are speaking and it was a good medium to improve my speaking..

Do u know that my speaking was not so good and also for my writing.. So, blogging is one of my medium to improve my writing skill in English instead of Bahasa.. (hehe.. no wonder la my entry got in Bahasa and English..)

Really miss this moment.. T_T



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