Thursday, September 13, 2012

HALAL in Cosmetic product

Consumer Goods refers to goods that are not food or beverage based, for instance cosmetics, clothing and equipment. Nowadays most people really consider about HALAL products not just for food and beverage but also for the their consumer goods especially in cosmetic product.

Halal in cosmetic product

Today in Berita Harian got an article about kosmetik halal. Government of Malaysia introduce new halal certificates to make sure products are safe and not suspicious to be use. The new certificates is "Piawaian Kosmetik Halal MS2200:2008 and Piawaian Logistik Halal MS2400:2010".

In the scope of halal cosmetics, the concept covers critical aspects of: production, sourcing of raw materials, and usage of permissible substances. All must be manufactured, stored and packaged according to specific halal requirements.

So, there are no animal products can be used, no animal by-products or slaughter products can be used, and no alcohol. But also, in order to get a government halal certification, manufacturing is a way more stringent process than simply GMP manufacturing.

Thats why nowadays, most of the local manufacturer  will register with HALAL MALAYSIA to get Halal certification. So, their product is the best to be use especially for Muslim.

This week, I'm quite busy in preparing necessary documents for the registration process to get Halal certification for some of  products. So, there are no doubt to use Senwill Cosmetic products anymore.. hehe.. ( sound that i used to apply it before.. :p)


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