Thursday, September 13, 2012


This is not just an ordinary logo. It's always used in packaging of Muslim consumer goods, food and beverages. It also used in food premises, and slaughter houses. This logo cannot simply use by manufacturer if they are not register their products in Jakim. Do you know that there are some of the manufacturer do not care about it.. They are not register to get HALAL certification but they simply put this logo in their products..

Dear readers, please careful. There are a lot of fake HALAL logo. So make sure we are know about the right HALAL logo. So, the HALAL logo that refers to logo that issued by JAKIM may contains:
  • an eight cusp star at the center of a circle;
  • the Arabic word – “حلآل” at the center of the star;
  • followed by “HALAL” in Roman alphabets below it;
  • the word “Malaysia” written in Roman alphabets and ماليزيا in Arabic within the circle of the logo;
  • two small five cusp stars positioned to separate the Roman alphabets from the Arabic word mentioned.


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