Friday, September 7, 2012

Engangement Day~!!

Happy engangement day to me~ haha.. entry a little bit late.. huhu

Congrates to myself because one of the my dream in year of 2012 to getting engange akhirnya terlaksana.. hehe.. Finally.. I have become a fiance to Hafizi.. Alhamdulillah the event went smoothly.. (not so smoothla but it still ok)

Actually i want to hide about my engangement to public because it just an engangement and not a solemnization or wedding day that we should announce to public.. heehe..

When my engangement pics were uploaded in Facebook by someone.. so, my friends really shocked and excited about that news.. heee.. it's normal situation happened for those yang tak pernah couple during study.. hehe.. selalunya orang yang tak pernah couple time study ni la yang akan kahwin dulu.. is it? haha.. but im not married yet.. just getting enganged ok.. :p

so.. u all yg dah bercouple lama since study tu bila lagi nak langsung? hehe..


there are so many comments and one of the comments " eh senyap2 je tunang.. tak jemput pun"

so my answer is simple.. it just tunang la.. mmg x perlu dihebahkan.. time nikah or kenduri nanti wajibla hebah dan jemput.. >_<

my Parents and future in laws.. :)

My positive comments from one of UiTM friends is:

Congrates sidah!!
Wah tak sangka kamu dah bertunang..
kagum dengan kamu sebab senyap2 je..
kite terkejut jugak sebab kamu tak pernah couple dulu..
tak macam kawan2 yang lain yang bercouple tu..
semoga semuanya dipermudahkan

Thanks to all the wishes..

Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan.. InsyaAllah.. :)


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