Tuesday, October 6, 2009


lately, so busy dengan test n preparation of my proposal. last day sempat lagi spend time to jitra mall watching movie.. :)

movie that i'd watch is FAR CRY~!! wah really superb movie la.. i like.. hehe
"i gave 2 points out of 10".. hoho.. sounds like d movies is not interesting rite?
actlly it was a dialogue on that movie.. hoho..

u all should watch this movie la.. sgat best~!! tgok jgn x tgok..

ttg askar yg telah d ubah genetik tuk d jadikan kuat.. dia boleh musnahkan smua org.. quite interesting la..
we can see how the odinary soldiers fight with extraordinary soldiers.. hoho
tp sekuat2 mana pon ada weakness jgak.. just go n c la.. lalalala

malas nk cter byk2.. pg je tgok.. :p


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