Monday, August 13, 2012


25 Ramadhan

Last week of Ramadhan..
we need to speed and all out our energy to spend time with HIM..
Just a few days, Ramadhan will leaving us.. huhu.. Time fly so fast..

at the same time we need to have a preparation to celebrate hari raya Aidilfitri.. :D

So, how about my preparation?

I still do not have kasut raya and tudung raya.. (bila nak beli ni?) T_T .. waiting for my advance actually.. without bonus raya, so celebrate hari raya with ala kadar je.. jangan nak boros sangat boleh.. huhu.. But still over budget actually.. what to do? not just to celebrate hari raya but also have aother event.. I'm getting engage!! :D hehe.. really excited.. So, there are so many things to do.. dengan nak sediakan  hantaran.. nak sediakan makanan.. nak hias rumah.. nak cat rumah.. adoii.. just a few days left.. sempat ke x? Jumaat petang baru bole balik kampung.. huuu

Disebabkan rumah baru renovate dgn tambahan 2 bilik.. so i have to cat my own bilik! hoho.. mcm dah nak buat kenduri kahwin je kan? :p


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