Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Fasting without "sahur" will make me have less energy and felt weak.

How gelabah i am when wake up around 6.30 am.. huhu.. tak sahur lagi la kali ni.. Adoi.. this is third time. Base on my experienced before this, fasting without sahur make my day was not productive u know.

So this is third time.. Luckly, production stopped for a while.. so, there are no goods to inspect.. haha.. So, i can save my energy a little bit until iftar.. :D

To me it is so important to take something for sahur atleast kurma and a lot of plain water (about 500ml-1L ). As we know, Kurma is a good for us and it is sunnah Nabi also. Bersahur with kurma and plain water is enough for me since i'm still single and no need to cook or take heavy meal since nobody accompany me for sahur just alone. huhu. The best thing is save time and money ok! Big grin.. hee

Kurma is a nutritionous food and have a lot of protein, serat, sugar, Vitamin A and C and also zat minerals like ferum, Calcium, Natrium and Potassium. With high dosage of sugar will provide us an energy for our body. The body will absorb an energy immediately when we eat kurma. Thats why it is good for us to eat kurma first when breaking a fast to replace our loss energy during fasting time. No need to eat heavy meal since kurma can replace a lot of energy. So, we can reduce to prepare our meal for iftar and can saving also! :) The most important things is don't over eat and we have to avoid waste so many food.


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