Thursday, May 13, 2010

parents marriage

13 may 2010

drama adamaya dah abes..
then suddenly, my housemate n i were thingking about this story..

its not impossible to be like maya (heroin in this story)..
since we're finish study already..

some parents might be thinking about their daughter future life..
worried about their health,
worried about their daughter.. since they are not feeling well already, how can they take a good care of their daughter nicely?

in this adamaya case.. maya's parents want to travel to afrika for 5 years..
so, they cant look for maya for about 5 years.. so, they have to worry about the safety about their daughter, thats why they want to look maya is married before they are travel..

so, thats drama..

how about in real life?

it is not impossible if my friends and i will involve in this kind of situation..

so, my friends, we have to set up our mind already.. life is so complicated..
we have to be ready.. & the important is JANGAN TAKUT MENJADI MANUSIA

since we are girls.. my parents want the best from us..


it is good?


munamuni said...

cdah, poyo

+akufobia+ said...


SeE-DaH said...

mun> haha.. x mustahil tau.. huhu..

fobia> terus jdi fobia.. huhu

aliquenyer said...

hopefully tak jadi kat i...
sangat2 tak nak..
memamng parents nak yg terbaik
kite pun nak terbaik...
payah bile berade pada situasi ni

believe me...
sangat2 payah...
for those who still single
maybe its is ok la
but for those who have a boyfriend


its so complicated u know?

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