Thursday, May 13, 2010


11 May 2010..


Alhamdulillah.. its over.. :)

everything is okay.. but, im not give my best performance.. huhu
but, thats ok.. yang penting semua da berlalu..
just tawakal & Doa.. InsyaAllah..

after this examination, then my last final year, last semester is ended.. :D (big grin) lalalala

and now, im tring to finish up my report writing.. there are a little bit discussion i need to add up.. by tommorow.. i can submitt my report.. :)

talk about presentation..
here i want to share with you all some important note:

1) u have to be confident.. confident with your point, confident with your data.. and everything have to b confident.

2) dont try put information that u do not really understand enough.. then it will b the killer for u..

3) master your basic knowledge regarding what u want to present..

4) dun try to put so many words in your slide.. then ur panels will check about ur words, ur grammar & sentences.. and from that they will condem u..

5) less use filler words like mmmmm.. aaaaaa,

6) when panels asking u, u have to answer their questions CONFIDENTLY.. even ur answer is wrong.. hehe..

last but not least.. have to speak louder ok~ :)

thats all from me..
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