Friday, February 12, 2010


3 feb 2010

had a programme with alumni BSAC and she is: Che Puteh Osman.. and now she is a PHD student. she made a research about natural product. same field with me. huhu.. the time given is only one hour. so, she not have a much time to give a talk. her talk is regarding her background and a way to continue to master.

can u imagine, listen a talk at afternoon.. at lunch hour.. hoho.. so felt sleepy laaa.. before that i'd a class from 9am direct to 1pm.. and must continue to attend this programme until 2pm.. huh.. really tired~!! luckly have a lunch after that.. free lunch sponsored by PN Zurina (my supervisor) and PN Zaini..

the talk given by her actually quite good because she was successfully made me tahan perasaan nak tidur itu, from the segala bisikan2 halus itu~!! .. :D (clap2 hand to her)

she'd made me to interest to continue my study.. in the natural product ofcourse.. at this time i'd decided to continue my study with master.. INSYAALLAH...

after lunch, i went back to home at 3.15pm.. but, about 3.30pm.. hanisah called me.. she said that PN Zurina ask to come to involve a discussion with Che Puteh again.. about the natural product.. at lab7.. so, i decided to go and ask zalikha to send me back to uitm.. (TQ zalikha).. i felt may be i can learn something from her. the discussion is between Che PUteh, Pn zurina, Pn Zaini and Hanisah (my clssmate)

the discussion is about how to interpret NMR data with unknown compounds.. and actually i am not use this instrument.. i will use GCMS actually.. hanisah is the one who will use NMR to detect compounds from her research. so she must learn a lot laaa.. hehe.. so, kedatangan ak disitu hanyalah sebagai pemerhati.. hahaha.. tak faham sangat la actlly.. huhu.. but, ada something which is made me interest to learn.. che puteh said.. x ramai org kat MAlaysia ni yg pandai interpret NMR data with UNKNOWN compound.. may be i should try to master with this... heheh

so.. i'd made a decision to continue my study... :D


An-Nisaa' Hanisah said...

yup cdah.. ramai yg x dpt master NMR ni. sdgkan kite yg da blaja satu sem ni pun msh terkial2.. agk tercengang2 jugakla mase che puteh tu terangkan.. mujur hg ade, leh la gak ak ingt2 balik.. hehe.. tq cdah.. lets strive for our dream..

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