Monday, December 16, 2013

Formulator chemist

I am a R&D chemist.

One of my task is to prepare sample for a customer based on their request. The sample is normally formulated by my senior chemist and sample is prepare by me. Like cooking food. We need a recipe and prepare the food based on the recipe.

Normally sample requested by customer increase by the end of the year. So, start from month of october i was really busy.

To formulate a sample is quite tough actually. We need to comply required qualities when formulate the sample. For example is to formulate foundation. The requirements needed is:

*easy to spread,

*well adhesion to skin , non comogenic and

*have high covering power.

Normally customers request to have a foundation with high covering power to cover their acne, scar and pigmentation.

So, next target of my career is to be a formulator chemist. Prepare a sample with your own formula and then become a testimony is a great dreaming. I will free to make my own product with my type of skin problem.. hehe

Normally to become a formulator chemist @ senior chemist, take 3 to 5 years. I am beginner chemist and experienced about 2 years already.

Fortunately, i'd given a change to duplicate a sample and formulate the sample. What a great chances!! So it was a best memory to remember. I've got a chance to formulate requested sample which is water uv foundation, uv pearl cream and sunfader. Actually i used to formulate some sample before but under my boss supervision. This time 100% formulated by me.

There are so many sample need to be prepare lately so my boss cannot formulate all by himself so that he pass over to me some sample. With experience in preparing sample i was able to formulate based on the previous sample.

So, this is starting of my career to formulate skin care products.

How to formulate skin care products?

To be continued...


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