Thursday, July 7, 2011

to learn~ u have to be brave

work at research and development ( R&D) department need us to have a lot of knowledge about what we are doing.. our friends is books, journals, articles and a lot of things..

now im working.. yes working.. but at the same time i need to study..

for me, there are no difference between study and work time..

the environment is still same.. do a lab works.. do a report.. read a journals.. create a new formula.. for the development of company's products..

now.. i have to be strong.. to be more brave.. to learn all of these things..

my boss always gave me motivation about the journey of the chemist.. learn from the below step by step..

he always said that "if u want to learn u have to be brave" ..

brave to travel..
brave to thinks..
brave to face of all the coming problem..

to be a good chemist.. u have to be a good formulator..

yeah.. i want to be a chemist~ :D


Zalikha Taza said...

huhu....i nak jadi chemist gak

AJ said...

god luck cdah...all the best !!!

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