Monday, September 7, 2009

greAt Day~!!!

6 sept 09 equal to 17 ramadhan.. wah.. time was running out.. hhuhuh.. just look out my countdown rite over there there.. (only valid for today.. hoho) there was 13 days left b4 ramadhan is over.. L.

That’s not my point acttly.. hehe

today is da best day yg pnah ak lalui. y?

this day full with happening + surprise in my life.

Lately, so bz with lab reports, test + FYP + FB’s quizzes.. :p

So, ak n my best frens x de msa nk hang out tgether.. making days like “kami yg punya”.. haha

B4 ni mesti ada ja actvty yg kmi wat 4 every sem.. mmm

Miss that time so much..

But, for tday.. we’d got d revenge~!! Hehe.. called other members at ostel than we’de made it~!!

Buat apa ye??

Kami buat BBQ… hehe.. so great la.. sgat best~!!

Spend time tgther starting from zohor until zohor 4 d next day.. haha..

Our activities :

1)BBQ done by me, Diana mokh n aishah

2) fried rice done by nisah, diyana

3)Hiasan, prepare tmpat done by adek ipaq, baiti with moon..

4)Tukang mmbeli n mmbelah done by zahin, zalikha n aishah

After prepared all those things.. time azan apa lagi melantak la kmi suma.. then, solat mgrib, then smbung mkn lgi..

Then, zalikha n zahin wat surprise plak.. dorg beli kek n smbut bsday kmi yg x smpat dsambut b4 nih.. thanks a lot frenz.,.

Pas tu mkn lgi smbil tgok tv, tgok 2pm.. smpai suma da penat n msuk tdo.. yg bestnya.. suma dak ostel tdo kat sni..

So.. it’s another great moment that we’d shared tgther.. tp yg sdehnya sarah x dpt join..


munamuni said...

ampeh ko shida..pangil kite org budak ostel...waaa....

SeE-DaH said...

haha.. betolla.. sebb korg mmg dok ostel kan.. heheh

AJ said...

cdah...aku rinduuuu sob2

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