Wednesday, September 30, 2009

y we hve to go to uitm s.alam?

go to s.alam just for make an experiments??
after that, have to prepare lab reports.. with a lot of tests is waiting.. my FYP.. and d important things is FINAL EXAM soon..
dugaan.. dugaan..

i hope it'll be some of the great an xperience..


GardeniaBoy~ said...

pasaipa kena p sana?

SeE-DaH said...

sebab kna wat experiment.. kat arau x de alat..
yg wat skit ati tuh, tgah2 sem bru tahu.. time ni da la tgah bz ngan test, project lagi, da nk final xam lak tuh.. huhu..
kalo tau awal2 bole la g awal skit.. tp skang nk p pon dah x dak ati..

GardeniaBoy~ said...

alahai cian korang~

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