Thursday, September 25, 2014

Skin Whitening and pigmentation

Skin whitening is a significant trend in all application forms. In fact, the global skin lightening market is increase by year.

To get fairer skin we must have a product that will achieve desirable result for our skin. Recently, there are so many products available in market and provide dramatic visible improvement in skin quality and reduction of pigmentation.

Basically we need to know how to improve our skin to be lighter and fairer. First of all, you must take care your skin and avoid from exposed in UV light that come from sun. Don't forget to apply your sunblock when you are going out especially out for having a lunch. When your skin is exposed to the UV sun radiation, melanin will protect human skin from harmful effects. Melanin or pigment is found in skin and produced by melanogenesis. Tyrosinase is an enzyme and served as catalyst in the melanogenesis process. So your skin will be darken and pigmentation found in your skin. By apply sunblock in your skin, your sunblock will  take over the job of melanin and protect your skin from the UV radiation. So your melanin is rest and no activity of melanogenesis.

Based on the melagonesis activity, we already know that our darken and pigmentation skin is come form the process. So, to get fairer skin we need to reduce the melanogenesis and inhibit the tyrosinase activity. By using the whitening cream, we will get more fairer skin. As consumer, we need to choose good whitening cream to give the best effect to reduce the melanin.

For your information, there are no effective result within 1 - 7 days. If you are found there are such of products so you have to be careful because the product might be contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone and mercury. Hydroquinone is the best raw material for reducing pigmentation and the result is within one week okay!


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