Friday, March 4, 2011


Alhamdulillah.. finally i got a job.. as a chemical lab assistant at Fulian (M) sdn. Bhd.. the company is manufactures of oral hygiene product which is Raiya toothpaste as a core product.. the other product is Revive hair gel.. sometime they made hair cream, shaving cream depends on the customer requested.

it is good start from beginner. the most important things is we know the basic and get the experience form the beginning. hehe..

p/s: i was learn how to made a toothpaste an try it already.. :D


+akufobia+ said...

woaa.da pandai seh.buat kan 1.

diana said...

waahh..cdah...congratez2..i'm appy 4 u,,, keje rerajin... t leh blnja kwn2 nie...hihi

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