Friday, March 19, 2010

12 steps to damage your brain~!!

this articles is taken from newspaper that brought by DR.Azlan in class Air Pollution&Solid Waste Management.. huhu

this info is quite good to share with others.. to make sure we take a good care of our brain if we want to make sure our brain is healthy although we're 80 & above.. huhuhu..

so.. what the steps that can damage our brain?? let check it out..

1) skipping breakfast - dont try to DO this always.. have a breakfast is important to begin a new life ina new day .. :)
2) overheating especially processed food
3) smoking - everybody know about it..
4) Not exercising - lets doing an exercise start from now.. huhu
5) High sugar consumption - please reduce it ok.. :p
6) air pollution ---> this is the point actually why he brought in this article to show to us.. :D
7) sleep deprivation - "koma"
8) Covering head while sleeping ( always do this.. huhu.. we cant get freely fresh oxygen.. )
9) working during illness - so take a rest when u are sick ok~!! :)
10) lacking in stimulating thought
11) talking rarely - so, if someone dont like to talk, so that person have brain problem.. ahaha
12) NOT resting the brain - so how can we get a good health of brain? if our brain not have a time to rest?? huhu..

im a person who love to talk.. so the point number 11 is not a problem to me.. hahaha


+akufobia+ said...

SeE-DaH said...

fobia> tidur tuk rehat kan minda.. lalalaala.. ku sgt suke tido.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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