Sunday, April 26, 2009

New "Kaaba" Bar will be open in New York, Astaghfirullah...

ak ada dpt 1 email nih.. time bca tjuk tu pon ak dh terkejut apatah lg tgok isi kndungannya kan.. kekurangan ajaran dorg tu dah melampaui batas.. eee geram jgak ak d buatnya..

In the business area of MID TOWN MAN HATTAN in New York a new BAR is opened in the name of APPLE MECCA which is familiar to KAABA MAKKAH This bar will be used for supply of VINE and Drinks. The Muslims of New York are pressurizing Government of USA to not open this BAR.

We need 2 wake up and 2 stand for the dignity of our RELIGION ISLAM!!

Together we can and we will InsyaAllah.


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